News as at 4 October 2018

Welcome to the Illustrated Walkthroughs

The original 2008 Professor Layton and the Curious Village walkthrough is being updated for 2018's Mobile HD version

This guide can be used for the locations of the new charms

A walkthrough for Layton’s Mystery Journey has solutions for locations for everything including the daily puzzles

The Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney walkthrough is largely complete with only minor updates needed

The Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy walkthrough has been posted along with Daily Puzzle solutions

The Leisure Suit Larry : Reloaded walkthrough has now been posted although this is not yet fully illustrated and a guide for a second playthrough for achievements is a work in progress

The Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask walkthrough has been posted and the majority of this has been illustrated

The Secret Files 3 walkthrough is available and includes all of the achievement requirements (the first guide to work these out)

The walkthrough for the puzzling adventure Deponia is largely complete but is not yet fully illustrated

A walkthrough for the adventure Chains of Satinav is largely complete but is not yet fully illustrated and some minor changes will be made along with the addition of something extra

The walkthrough for the point-and-click adventure Yesterday is now available and includes the secret fourth ending

A walkthrough for the So Blonde spin-off Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle has been posted but is not yet fully illustrated and some minor changes will be made

Professor Layton and the Last Specter The walkthrough is available while the majority of the bonus game Professor Layton's London Life has been posted

Treasure Report Similar in style to the Professor Layton series, a preview walkthrough for this puzzling game has been posted

Emily the Strange The majority of puzzle solutions have been posted while the low priority walkthrough itself is still being written

Puzzle Expedition All of the solutions for this challenging puzzle game have been posted

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Weekly puzzles have been added and some minor tweaking still needs to be done

Rooms : The Main Building This 100 puzzles, 1800+ steps walkthrough is now available

So Blonde : Back to the Island While the walkthrough is complete and will get you through the game, it's not quite finished as it still needs some minor tweaking

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House Walkthrough While most puzzle solutions have been posted, it's yet to be decided whether to post a full walkthrough due to the number of random puzzles where specific solutions are unable to be provided

The Secret Files 2 : Puritas Cordis Walkthrough is available

The more complex puzzles are generally solved a bit at a time to nudge players in the right direction

There's also some "just for fun" steps along the way to point out comments and wisecracks that players may find interesting or entertaining (such as references to the first game)

The Illustrated Walkthroughs

The Illustrated Walkthroughs represent the next generation of walkthroughs and solve many of the common problems associated with traditional text guides.

Many Many Pictures

Have you ever been lost in a game or stumped on what to do next just because a description has been obscure or misleading? Have you ever wished that you could just see where you're meant to be or where the item you're looking for actually is?

The Illustrated Walkthroughs (using a combination of pictures and arrows) show you where to go, where you're meant to end up and exactly where the things you need are.

Step By Step Instructions

Have you ever found it hard to keep your place in a guide due to too much information being placed into one long paragraph?

The Illustrated Walkthroughs provide you with short, easy to follow, step by step instructions.

Puzzles Before Solutions

Have you ever wondered why a guide tells you to do something for no obvious reason (like you may be solving a puzzle that you have yet to see)? Have you ever felt that you were missing out on seeing some puzzles?

The Illustrated Walkthroughs take you through the game in a logical progression, showing you puzzles and clues before the solution, thereby giving you the chance to solve them first.

Reduced Spoilers

Have you ever been frustrated after being told exactly what will happen in the story (usually in the same paragraph as the steps you're following) before you see it?

The Illustrated Walkthroughs are relatively spoiler free with no discussion about the plot, the story or what will happen.

Clickable Indexes

Have you ever been missing an item in a collection or couldn't find someone or something?

The Illustrated Walkthroughs have indexes down the side which will take you to where you'll find a missing item, where you'll first meet a character, etc.


Have you been trekked back to a location just to do something or pick up an item that you could have done or picked up when you were just there?

The Illustrated Walkthroughs are the result of playing through the game at least two or three times and tweaking the walkthrough to make the route taken and the actions performed more efficient.


Have you ever been told to walk left when you really needed to go right? Have you ever been told to use an item that you were never told to pick up? Have you ever been told to do something and nothing happened?

The Illustrated Walkthroughs, while perhaps not perfect, strive for accuracy and any mistakes are quickly fixed. Time is also spent making sure that the actions shown give the desired result rather than settling for mistaken assumptions.